Emergency Medicine Revision Notes

These are my notes as PDF files initially made whilst revising for the FACEM Part II exam in 2009 and extensively reviewed / updated in 2012. 

The more recent documents include a version number and date, so the degree of currency may be better judged. 

The sources are many, but primarily:

Subject areas:

Administration & Research


Orthopaedics & Trauma
Anaesthetics General & Vascular Surgery Psychiatry


Haematology Radiology


Infectious Diseases Respiratory
Endocrine Neurology & Neurosurgery Rheumatology & Immunology
ENT & Maxillofacial Obstetrics & Gynaecology Toxicology & Environmental
Examinations Ophthalmology Urology, Renal & Metabolic

You can now download a zipped set of subject files (size~27MB) by clicking here:

Use these PDF files at your own peril. There may be inadvertent errors in them and some information may become obsolete with time.

Because they were initially created for personal use only, the notes do contain some medical shorthand and abbreviations, but they should still be readily comprehensible.

Happy to be corrected or educated by sending an email to me

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  2012 Adrian Bonsall